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right now on this sunday, it's game day. fans take sides as the redskins and ravens count down to the battle of the beltways. >> but you better pack the rain gear if you're headed to that game because we are in for a sloppy, rainy day to end your weekend. sorry. halt to break it to you. >> good morning. >> why do you start with the bad news? come on. good morning. welcome to "news 4 today." >> good morning. december 8, 2012. we've gone on and on about this fabulous weather. >> only because we have to talk
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about it. here's meteorologist chuck bell. >> technically you two don't have to talk about it. so outside on your sunday morning, yes, indeed, my commute into work i still didn't need the windshield wipers but i don't think you'll get the same treatment. 51 degrees with light rain moving into the washington right now. on storm team 4 radar. the more moderate showers are out toward the blue ridge and shenandoah valley. winchester, martinsburg getting moderate rain this morning. there's more where this came from so a very wet start today. visibilities have been reduced. and temperatures are mostly in the upper 40s and low 50s. so, your planner today, foggy and soggy, chilly and wet, damp and cold no matter how you look at it. what you see what you get for your forecast. more protests are expected today in egypt against president mohamed morsi, despite a surprising change of mind by the country's leader. morsi said yesterday he is
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anulling a controversial decree that gave him complete power over the country's judges. however he said a referendum on a draft constitution with will go otherwise lan next weekend. dmont straig morsi's actions also sparked protests here in our area. dozens of people marched from the white house to the egyptian embassy yesterday. they say they want a separation of church and state, and people of all religions should feel safe. >> he has drafted a constitution for his people and for himself. and we're here to protest against that. we want a constitution for everybody in egypt. we want a constitution for the muslims, for the christians and every single citizen in egypt. >> many of the protesters say they are not even from our area.
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the top of command on the u.s. forces in afghanistan says the joint forces planned, rehearsed and successfully rescued the doctor in afghanistan. wednesday insurgents abducted him outside the afghan capital. general john allen says joseph will be returning to his family. the intelligence showed the doctor was imminent danger. hugo chavez will head to chicago for more cancer treatment. he announced on state television his cancer returned and he would undergo another round of surgery in cuba. for the first time he said in-f his health worsens his successor should be vice president. chavez was elected to a third term in october. the 58-year-old already had two operations, chemotherapy and radiation treatment. this morning former president george h.w. bush is waking up at a texas hospital, a hospital spokesperson says the 88-year-old continues improving but he's not going to be
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released this weekend. another update is expected tomorrow. the nation's 41st president has been in the hospital for more than two weeks now. he's undergoing treatment for bronchitis-related cough but no word yet on when the former president will be released from the hospital. this morning police are looking for two people who attacked a cab driver in the district. the attack happened early yesterday morning in the 900 block euclid street. they say someone knocked him unconscious and when he woke up all the items were gone. it is another tragedy for the nfl. dallas cowboy defense tackle josh brent will be in court later this morning, facing charges of intoxication, manslaughter after crashing his car while driving drunk, killing one of his teammates. this comes one week african can city chiefs player belcher killed his girlfriend before turning the gun on himself. nbc's sara story has the story for us this morning and the
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tragic news inside the nfl. >> it appears as if he was traveling at a high rate of speed at which time his vehicle touched or impacted the outside curb of the service road, causing his vehicle to flip at least one time. >> reporter: irving police say josh brent was drive whgt mercedes flipped and landed on its top. the passenger was jerry brown jr., a linebacker on the cowboys' practice squad. officers say the car was on fire when they arrived on scene. >> when our officers arrived on scene, mr. brent was removing -- or dragging mr. brown from the vehicle. >> reporter: investigators say brown was unresponsive and later died at a hospital. they say speed and alcohol were factors in the crush. brent failed a field sobriety test. >> based on his performance of those tests, along with our officers' observations and the conversations they had with him, he was placed under arrest for driving while intoxicated. once our officers learned that mr. brown had passed away, then
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mr. price brent was under arrest for intoxication manslaughter. >> reporter: according to court records in illinois, brent was arrested in 2009 for driving under the influence. speeding and driving with a suspended license. he finished probation in july 2011. a criminal investigation is ongoing to determine exactly where the two spent the evening before the crash. >> brent released a statement to his agent that said, quote, i am devastated and filled with grief for the loss of my close friend and teammate jerry brown. i will live with this horrific and tragic loss every day for the rest of my life. today's redskins game is doubly important for the burgundy and gold. not oonl is it the battle of the beltways against baltimore but this game could put the skins into tie for first place in the division. if the redskins win and the giants lose today, it will give them both a 7-6 record atop the
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nfc east. it's also a big game for the ravens who could extend their lead in the north. fans on both sides offered their predictions. >> pretty much run the ball, put points on the board and they can win the game. >> it will be tough to stop rg3. >> redskins, 21-17. >> we just want them to win. that's all. >> this is only the fifth meeting between the two teams. baltimore has won three of the first four games. kickoff at 1:00. we'll have all the highlights tonight at news 4 at 6:00 and news 4 at 11:00. get your burgundy and gold out. >> i think there is a city torn between two. we'll have to see. i think there are some interesting bets going on with a lot of the city leaders. >> that's right, jerseys, oh, boy. seven minutes after 6:00. the special delivery headed to arlington in time for the holidays. >> the unlikely fan at last night's big boxing match in vegas who even sat ringside.
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fog and rain. this morning things are a little slick out. there but will it clear ou
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if the politicians in washington negotiate a bad deal on the budget and deficit, what do you think will happen to medicare and medicaid benefits? and to our coverage? cutting hundreds of billions of dollars from medicare and medicaid will short change the people who need it the most. so if you don't want seniors to come up empty. call sen. warner and tell him don't make a bad deal that cuts our care.
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. today an annual tradition honoring those who served. more than 400,000 wreaths are on their way to locations nationwide as part of the wreaths across america campaign. 100,000 are headed to arlington national cemetery. it started 20 years ago when a wreath company in maine had around 5,000 extra wreaths it couldn't sell. the owner decided to ship them to arlington and it's grown into a nationwide event. >> it's such a gorgeous sight. one of the first places i took my family members when they came to visit because it was beautiful to see. >> unfortunately, it won't be a pretty day to go outside and sort of enjoy all the festivities of the holiday season. cloudy skies have been a big part of our weekend.
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and rain chances are on the up and up. if you haven't stuck your nose out the door just yet this morning, be ready for it. it's probably going to be a fairly soggy start to your sunday. and not exactly the prettiest outdoor weather day. we've been talking about it for days how as a result would be your better weekend day. yesterday the sun gave us a brief appearance. for now we're off to a socked in, cloudy, rainy, soggy start. 51 degrees at downtown national airport. temperature in the upper 40s and low fifty. average time this year would be low 30s. this is a mild start, well above average day. but temperatures won't go terribly far. we'll inch up one or two degrees. that's about it. we'll basically be stuck in the rut for the remainder of the day. chilly and wet with patches of rain and drizzle off and on for most of your afternoon. if you're headed out to the
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redskins today, playing the ravens, 48-51. didn't have to change the text, cloudy and wet. wind east-northeast at 10 to 12 miles an hour. here it is on radar. selltively rain-free south of town. fredericksburg down into st. mary's county but north and west and players plenty of rain drops to be seen this morning. one or two isolated rumbles of thunder in the mountains of west virginia during the overnight hours. now light to moderate rain over interstate 21. there will be a break in the action back here. that will be a slight break in our action from the rain's perspective. that comes in here for a late afternoon into evening before the next batch of rain arrives overnight. on the north side, there's snow and even a slight risk for severe weather today from memphis down through little rock down towards the gulf coast. around here for now, a rainy morning. lots of fog. reduced visibilities for the front half of the day.
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as we get into 1:00, 2:00 this afternoon when the game is going on, it will be cloudy and mist and drizzle but the steadiest rains will be out and then another batch of rain by 8:30 tonight. as we go through the overnight hours into your monday, foggy and sloppy to get you started. a weather front coming in from the west will turn the wind out of the southwest breezy, much warmer tomorrow and a chance for rain showers and maybe even a rumble or two of thunder before everything settles out. high pressure takes over for the rest of the week after that. today's forecast, a rainy start. it's going to stay chilly and wet throughout the afternoon. temperatures are going nowhere for the rest of the day. for tomorrow, cloudy, much, much milder. temperatures into the 60s with clouds and rain chances around so a surge of warn around ahead of the cold front. front get here tuesday morning, late tuesday morning and sunny and dry but chilly and december-like from tuesday afternoon on through the rest of the afternoon. >> we haven't seen temperatures like this, i mean -- >> december-like in december? >> i know, but in december? it's like -- >> it had been four years since
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we had it. >> wow. thanks, chuck. >> coming up next, reporters' notebook. >> we'll be back in 15 minutes with this morning's top stories and another check of your sunday forecast. good morning. welcome to "reporters' notebook," i'm pat lawson. a prince george's county judge ruled former maryland delegate tiffany austin cannot have her seat back after being ousted for misconduct and gregory hall, who admits he dealt drugs in the past won't be allowed to serve out the rest of her term. governor o'malley can choose a replacement for austin. there's been a lot of debate about this. it's been a long, drawn out case. they say politics has trumped the law in this case. he says he's being treated unfairly. others say we need a clean slate. what do you say about this? >> well, as far as his past goes, there are people who think and this is why it was a close vote to get him as far as he
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got, that drugs and violence, someone was killed -- there was a situation where someone fired a gun. he says it was fired at him as well as the victim but the victim died. and i think a drug situation. but the fact is, that's something that a lot of people think once you strike out on that, you've struck out. drugs, violence, that isn't something these people say you should have in your public citizens. other people say give them a chance. so, that's what's impens him. the delegate herself has been ruled inappropriately qualified for office now, too. she's fighting that. but that isn't -- she's having a difficult time. i think it's a question of what's in your past. can you be trusted with the welfare of the people of the county, trying to improve its image after jack johnson and his wife, is this the way to go? >> jerry? >> public trust, here we go. that's what people look at. there are those who say, give him a second chance. up, the question is, you asked a while ago, what message does this send?
6:17 am
prince george's county already has a very, very -- what we call a very unfortunate mark on its face still. and people haven't forgotten that after three years. so, here we have a situation here where the judge is saying -- using words, good name, reputation of our state, less for our county. i'd say the whole thing is that the judge ruled on image. he recognized the fact that these two people would bring down prince george's county again from what has happened already. >> joy? >> well, you also have to remember miss austin, i think it was $800, that she used of state money to pay an employee in her private law firm, which is, again, wrong. and i think that the judge probably did the right thing. what i'm fascinated about is given the economy of prince
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george's county, the education level and the demographics of prince george's county, here's the question. is this the best that prince george's county has to offer when it comes to public service? >> i can't believe that it is. on one hand, i just think that people need to step up. and get involved. so that you don't have to make a choice between two individuals like this. >> well, the governor will and can now choose someone else. and mr. hall has indicated he may appeal the decision. >> and that's his right to appeal. >> he also has a right to run. >> he has a right to run for office, should he choose to. >> the brother of former d.c. chair kwame brown, charged with bank fraud. charged with claiming for more income than he earned for a loan
6:19 am
modification. that's the same charge that led to kwame brown's resignation as chair after his efforts to buy a boat. this is pretty ironic. >> ironic and unfortunate. >> here again we're talking about public image. although his brother wasn't in public life, but it was related to the brother who was the chair of the d.c. council and was found guilty. so, i mean, public image -- this whole thing about public image is very important, i think, in all of these cases. prince george's county has its problems, which sets a stage where people are somewhat questioning about public image. >> you wonder what other shoes would drop when brown was charged in this. now the other shoes are dropping. the case expands. and as jerry said, it's one more devastating thing in the district of columbia, trying to improve its image with the mayor and what happens in his election
6:20 am
campaign and here you have this bubble up. but it was inevitable. we knew this was going to happen and now it has. >> and, of course, you're going to have all the comments made around the city because i've already heard them 37 doesn't fall far from the tree and like brother like council member. it's unfortunate. it's sad. there's a lesson here to everyone, particularly young people. look, it's something my brand another told me, probably told your parents, too. it's a lot easier to do right than wrong. >> walking on the right side of the street. >> heavily opposed by the taxi interest. uber won the right to operate in the city. the d.c. council will allow this service to operate as a second regulated transportation service. uber can set its own rates but will have to follow other regular r regulations and cannot discriminate. what do you think of the
6:21 am
convincing factor for the council? how did they win and is this a win for consumers? >> it was able to convince the council it was a specialized service, not a taxi service, so it can set its own prices. he can't discriminate on who gets the service. a lot of people think if it quacks like a duck, it's a duck. these people look like cabs to them. i mean, people driving people around in cars and you're paying for it. and yet they were able to convince the city council differently. >> taxi drivers are not happy about this. >> they're not happy. number one, they can go through the taxi commission. that's their big gripe. uber went into the council and got the green light. but, pat, here's a matter of convenience. a lot of people standing on the
6:22 am
corners waiting for a cab, half the cabs don't know where they're going. this is a sst they can get by dialing a smartphone. one thing people are concerned about is the rate. how are they going to charge rates. the reason i say that is because something happened in new york after hurricane sandy where taxi cabs went up and charged -- >> uber went up. >> yeah. >> a lot of things went up, gasoline went up. they call that taking advantage of disaster situation. but the reason this is a win for consumers, your original question, is the convenience that, you know, the fact that you can be on a street corner. you can be in an office. i could leave this studio this morning, go on my smartphone and limousine or car waiting for me. i don't have to go out and hail it on nebraska avenue and, of course, the taxi cab commission says, you can pick up the phone and call.
6:23 am
try calling a taxi dispatcher in this day and time. and i think also taxes. you know, this is a new business. taxes. ♪ [ male announcer ] the machines are on the move. they're curious. because they've heard that there are new machines -- brilliant ones -- and they're coming to see for themselves. machines with the technology, the scale and the ability to communicate to make the world work better. and now all the machines want in. ♪
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we'll be right back. stay with pups . welcome back. we continue with a move to fight smartphone thefts. the term is called bricking. it renders the phones completely inoperable and yusless to thieves. stolen cell phones account for about 40% of thefts in cities like washington and others aren't the country. how much do you think this will help to reduce that number? >> the people follow the directions, it should help an awful lot. if all have you to do once your phone is swiped, stolen or
6:25 am
missing, whatever, you call up d say, brick my phone, that adds a lot of effort to the situation involving cutting this off. it makes -- renders phones useless, may even, you know, get people who were going to steal your phone or hold you up and take it, it may courage them from that kind of activity. >> the chief police and mayor have endorsed this. they feel based on the research and stats they have that this program is going to work. pat, there's something else people are concerned with. also coming out of that news conference i watched and some of the information that was released, is the fact they want people to be more alert, using their phones on the street because a lot of people, even get hit by cars, talking on their cell phones, walking across the street. this opens the door to more -- to people being more alert and being more safe when they're using instruments like that on the street. >> but it is a device to deter
6:26 am
theft. i mean, the reality is that the cell phone itself or the iphone is not that valuable. what's valuable is the service. i till, i have not bricked mine. i will. i think it's a very smart move because once again that's why they call it a brick. the phone becomes nothing more than a paperweight. >> jerry, your point, as we approach the holidays, i think is well worth repeating. you know, people will be in the mall, they'll be on the metro, using their phones, not paying attention to their phones -- >> you talk about stalking -- young adults can be stalked by those who want to steal a phone. they see them on the malls and they see them in the business and they'll attack them. >> eleanor holmes norton is attacking this new k2 is a very serious drug problem duriin the nation's capital.
6:27 am
recentry she walked across the street to a store near a high school, walked in, intoek to the business owner and then talked to the manager and got him to promise selling synthetic marijuana, k2. she extracted a promise from him to stop selling it and throw away the supply in his store. >> lucky he didn't go to jail. it's a federal offense. >> this was confusing to me. the fact this was going on -- i cannot how congresswoman eleanor holmes norton, maybe she was tipped off by people in the community -- >> two of her staff people went in and purchased this. >> i can wanted all of that. but how could this guy be operating? >> because most people probably -- i bet you today -- this is the first time most adults have heard about this k2 synthetic marijuana, scooby snack they call it. i say, thank you eleanor holmes norton for her having the courage to walk in there and say, stop it. he's now been told, next time
6:28 am
you go to jail or federal pen. >> she took direction action, held a news conference, got this promise extracted. this is more than just passing laws or arguing on the floor. this is doing something. >> one quick point. this guy was operating in the sissenty of schools. charles young, phelps, and river turris elementary cool. >> there's a message here. >> big time. >> dave, jerry and joe, thank you for being with us. thank you for being with us for "reporters' note book." stay with us for "news 4 today" which continues right after this. good morning, everybody. if you're just waking up at this
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hour, take a look outside. we're off to a foggy, wet morning. in the d.c. area. morning, everyone. welcome to "news 4 today today." >> angie goth has the day off. sunday, december 9, 2012. not off to the best start. >> we have a lot going on today, specifically battle of the beltways. >> ravens and redskins. we'll see how things will shape up for that. >> good morning. richard and erica -- no -- this -- this is two mornings in a row. i'm so programmed to say angie, i can hardly help myself. 51 degrees with, yes, light rain coming down here in the area first thing this morning. the heaviest and steadiest of the rains are up to the north and west toward shenandoah valley. interstate 81 getting a whole lot more rain but this is going to be gradually soaked by raindrops during the course of the day. visibilities have been reduced. a little fog to go along with your rain this morning. foggy and soggy, those are the
6:30 am
two words for this morning. staying chill y wet for most of your sunday. if you plan on going to the game, have the rain gear ready to go. police are looking for two men who shot and killed a 21-year-old man inside his apartment in montgomery county. they say he may have known his attackers. darcy spencer has the latest. >> reporter: police identified the man shot and killed inside his apartment in the white oak section of jeffrey campos. this woman who didn't want to be identified lives in the building. >> it's terrifying. that's all i can say, it's terrifying. it's just something that i'm not used to. and it's a young person. just a difficult situation. i feel really bad. >> reporter: police tell me the victim may have been targeted by the gunman, there may have been
6:31 am
a relationship between them but they're not saying what the motive was. they first encountered the roommate outside. >> the roommate was accosted outside by two suspects. they forced him to allow them to enter, once inside they shot and killed mr. campos and fled. >> reporter: a woman was in the apartment when the murder occurred. she was not hurt. >> crime activity, it's not -- it don't happen, bad guys here, but sometimes things can happen. >> reporter: montgomery county police are searching for two men in connection with this shooting. they're ofshing a $10,000 reward for information in this case. in white oak, maryland, darcy spencer, news 4. this morning police in prince george's county are looking for another suspect in the murder of a 14-year-old boy.
6:32 am
police are now looking for 18 -year-old louise mantura, wanted in connection with the shooting death. police initially said they were looking for 22-year-old john junior hernandez but investigators ruled him out when new evidence vindicated him. another man is already in custody for the murder. also in prince george's county, police are looking for a man who robbed a bank which happened yesterday afternoon at capital one bank in the 1,000 bank of largo city drive in upper marlboro. they say the man walked into the bank, handed the teller a note and demanded money. history in the commonwealth, virginia democratic party now hooz an african-american running the party for the first time ever. the party's ruling central committee elected sharnell herring, who replaces brian moran who is not seeking another term. today the white house will join in celebrating the jewish holiday of hanukkah.
6:33 am
the national menorah lighting ceremony is later this afternoon on the ellipse, the u.s. air force band will make an appearance and today's event is free but you do need tickets. in order to get those, you can head to our website, and search national menorah. today is the recording of the natural christmas in washington show, featuring psy as well as controversy stemming from a 2004 video of him criticizing the iraq war. derrick ward has more on that video as well as the on poll i go. >> reporter: the gangnam style song is poking fund of south korea's gangnam district, hence the equine themes. but little subtlety about a song in 2004, lashing out at america's involvement in the iraqi war and their presence in south korea. psy was covering another band song with lyrics translating to
6:34 am
violent retaliation against american forces accused of wartime torture and abuse. he has since apologized profusely. speaking of the limits of the language of self-expression and saying he was deeply sorry for how those lyrics that could be interpreted. some say that doesn't jibe with taping at national building museum. in this heady highly political sized times in washington, nothing can be done without a political angle. inside the production team rehearsed. outside in the spirit of the holidays, a public less concerned with controversy, real or perceived. >> it would be tough. i mean, especially to the people. >> reporter: and even a bit of advice for the south korean pop star. >> i would say keep it to the music and stay out of the whole political stuff, you know. >> reporter: meanwhile,there
6:35 am
have been calls for the president not to attend the christmas in washington show. there's even been a petition urging he abstain. indications from the white house are that the first family will attend and the proceeds go to the children's national medical center. derrick ward, news 4. you can expect up to an hour delay on metro this weekend. brace yourselves. five metro stations are closed and metro is doing track work on all the other lines. so, tacoma, silver spring, forest glenn, wheaton and glenn mont on the red line are all closed. free shuttle bauses will be available. there's no yellow line service between ft. totten and archives and single tracking on orange and blue lines. >> might not only be a messy commute on metro, take a look at the roads. if you are headed out, watch your speed. in is a live picture of 16th and k in downtown d.c. we have a few slick spots due to the rain.
6:36 am
we're also dealing with some fog out there, so be cautious as you head out. chuck bell as your forecast coming up. up next, we'll talk to "meet the press" moderator david gregory. >> the couple who caught attention sitting rinkside last ♪ i -- i got it, i got it made ♪
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i think what's significant, have you to watch who's meeting when. the president and speaker boehner look like they're getting closer to speaking one-on-one. there's a lot of bad blood from last summer that carries over and a lot of political calculations going into all of this as well. >> let's talk about the center of the jobs numbers. i think a lot of people were shocked when they came out. unemployment down and big encrease there. >> sizeable increase. a little surprising. in terms of actual job creation, the number of jobs, this is still down from where they really need to be for the economy to have significant economic growth. to see the number come down is certainly a positive sign. both sides will use this somewhat to their advantage about whether increasing taxes is something that's going to stop that positive growth at this point. let's remember that, you know, the warnings are sort of far and wide here, that if they don't figure out how to keep the
6:42 am
government from going over that so-called fiscal cliff that it could imperil any gains we're making. >> the associated press said president obama's approval rating is higher it's been since osama bin laden was killed so the president is riding high right now. >> he is. he's just been re-elected and that helps. there's no question he's going to use all of this as leverage. republicans i talked to on capitol hill they'll concede on the tax issue he has the leverage. if he wants to increase taxes on wealthier americans, he can find a way to do that. how much, though, is he willing to risk his relationship on capitol hill for? don't forget, there are other things they want to get done. i think both sides would like to figure out a big debt deal, get that off the table and move on. if they can't, it will poison that well for a couple of years to come. >> the other big talker across the country, gay marriage and what's going on in washington state as of thursday in maryland
6:43 am
as of what we had thursday as well, right? january 1st. but people could start signing up for their marriage licenses. >> nine states now around the country that allow gay marriage. this will be important. this is a supreme court effectively getting involved and deciding whether there is a federal, constitutional righ to -- for gay marriage or something that should remain at the state level and how benefits should work, survivor benefits and the like. there's a lot at stake here. no question the country appears to be moving toward full recognition of gay rights in this area. you see it state by state. but this will be an important decision along that way. it's far from clear how the court will decide it. but this is a big deal. >> they didn't have to take up the issue. it was their choice. >> that means they want to weigh in in a significant way, whether it's to affirm the right or more narrowly define it. one way or the other, it will be a big deal. >> who's on the show this morning? >> we'll be talking inside these fiscal cliff negotiations.
6:44 am
top lieutenants on both sides, kevin mccarthy for speaker boehner and dick durbin, senator durbin, white house ally, and we'll touch on sir, yeah an ongoing crisis and a lot happening this week on that. newt gingrich joins our roundtable as well. the press pass up there we have rick santorum who has things to say about how this fiscal cliff negotiation is going. >> all right. sounds good, david gregory, thank you for joining us. >> see you in a few minutes. let's go to chuck now. we're dealing with fog and slick roads out there. >> good morning, you guys. good sunday morning, everybody. today will not be the prettiest day to be outside. we'l
6:45 am
6:46 am
6:47 am
the national zoo says one of
6:48 am
its bears may soon give birth. here's a picture of billie jean, andean bear, and she's pregnant with two small cubs. the vets say she built a nest and staying inside a little more. she's also eating less. they say that that's, you know, pretty much the same way she acted the last time that she gave by the way to two healthy cubs. that was back in 2010. andean bears are listed on the vulnerable species list and estimated there's only about 2,000 left in their natural habitat. >> you could almost make them out in that sonogram. more than 3,000 people took advantage of our community shred. the nbc 4/pnc bank community shred took place yesterday. those who came say it was a great way to protect their personal information, especially during the holiday season. nbc 4 and pnc bank team up regularly to shred personal documents. we try to hit up different communities every time. this time we were in prince george's county. next time maybe we'll number your neighborhood. >> absolutely. i have a feeling people are
6:49 am
going to need to take their ponchos and umbrellas and a towel to be their seats for today's game. >> we've never promised a dry game. it's not like we're pulling it back and say, oh, by the way, now it's going to be raining. we sort of had a feeling all along it was going to be a cloudy day and a wet, so willy day and that's exactly what's going to happen. it's already raining across many spots this morning. if it's still dry on your driveway, don't you worry. mother nature is looking for you. temperatures are not going to move too terribly far during the course of the day. we'll be stranded in the upper 40s and low 50s. the cloud cover that's out there, that is also not going anywhere too quickly. 51 degrees now here at national airport. winds are light now out of the north at 5 miles an hour. that's the beginning of a wedge of cold air that's coming down from the northeast. as a result, temperatures will go nowhere today because of that. it did make it into the mid-60s.
6:50 am
it's close by as culpepper and bristow yesterday afternoon. here's your hometown forecast, college park maryland. pay no attention to the computer-generated sun here. it's telling you it's going to be raining during the daylight hours. temperature, 48 degrees at 10:00 this morning up to 49 degrees by 3:30 this afternoon. back down to 48 by 7:30. you get the sense here, temperatures going nowhere all day long today. and into the upper 40s as we get ready to close out your sunday. so, if you're headed to the game today at fed exfield, 1:00 is the kickoff between ravens and redskins. what you see is what you get. your seat will be wet when you get there today. you can see it on storm team radar. plenty of rain from about the washington area northbound into northern maryland. there's plenty of rain across the mountains and shenandoah valley as well, aiming for frederick county, loudoun county, all getting in on moderate rain for most of the late morning hours. there's a tiny break back here. that should be arriving between
6:51 am
1:00 and 5:00 this afternoon. you may get easing up of the rain during the course of the game. there's more where that came from and that's coming our way for late tonight and then through the day tomorrow. so, be ready for a rainy stretch around here. rainy today in the morning for sure. we'll get a little break but it's going to be cloudy and drizzly during the course the afternoon. another round of rain between 8:00 and 10:00 this evening. a break for your monday morning commute but that area of low pressure coming by, expect more rain to come back into the picture for monday afternoon. rain could be fairly heavy from time to time as we get to the monday afternoon commute. by tuesday morning, though, the rain is pulling out and high pressure spells chilly but dry and seasonal weather coming our way for the middle of the week. today, though, yeah, well, what can you say about today? cloudy and wet and driz yl and cool and dreary and temperatures around 50. tomorrow, back to work and school. it's going to be way milder tomorrow. temperatures up into the 60s. even with the clouds and the raindrops around. courtesy of the southwesterly wind.
6:52 am
that also indicates how strong the front's going to be. as a result, near 70 with the rain on monday. highs staying in the mid to upper 40s for wednesday and thursday, but that will be chilly sunshine. that's not such a bad thing. if you need to stay ahead of the rain drops you can follow me on twitter @chuck4. >> we've been tweeting pictures out this morning of your studly face, so don't worry about it. >> oh, boy. >> this is what you get when golf is not here, see? >> right. >> i'm here, hello! >> all right, i'm sorry. see, they get jealous. you're handsome, too. >> thank you. >> all right. this up and down weather, not good for people that are getting sick these days. we really have to talk about something serious here. flu season is off to an early start. and it's a strong start. specifically with children who have become the most vulnerable. nbc's robert has a look at contributing factors.
6:53 am
>> reporter: flu continues to spread throughout the country starting early, threatening to be one of the worst in almost a decade. cdc data shows all states had some flu activity and in eight it's widespread, up from four the week before. children's hospital in memphis is feeling the first wave. >> we've seen more than 200 cases of flu in the hospital this week. we're admitting eight to ten kids a day. would he expect it to accelerate to get worse before it gets worse in the next few weeks. >> reporter: school children are not only vulnerable, they play a big role in spreading the flu. >> when you have all those kids getting together, they tend to pass the virus back and forth. they all get sick in the school. and they bring it home into the community. >> reporter: so far nationally this year, five children have died from the flu. in the 2009-10 season, when a new strain appeared, 279 died. health officials are urging everyone, adults and children over six months old, to get
6:54 am
vaccinated. the vaccine is not a gauarantee but it helps those against 6 and older who have naturally weakened immune systems. >> the way to protect those people are vaccinating the people around them. vaccinating more children reduces the risk of older people in the community of getting the flu. >> reporter: officials emphasize there's plenty of vaccines to go around and it's never too late to get it. nbc news, new york. mitt romney has kept a relatively low profile since losing last month's election but he did take time to attend one of the biggest boxing matches of the year. romney and his wife ann traveled to las vegas to watch manny pacqui pacquiao, and wished him luck, but he lost, getting knocked out in the sixth round. >> don't get me started.
6:55 am
when i saw the knockout, i just -- but, you know what -- >> it hit you? >> really bad. but i guess fourth time is a charm buzz it took him 36 rounds to get to this -- >> there you go. let's move to the redskins getting ready for the battle of the beltway. >> and history for the heisman trophy. we have it all in this morning's "sports minute." good sunday morning, everyone. i'm carol maloney and your sports minute starts with football. redskins very much in the playoff picture after reeling off three nfc east wins in a row. the team sits at 6-6. staring down a playoff spot. but veteran barry cofield knows this team has to take it one game at a time. and today that's the ravens. >> yeah, have you to give your opponent their due. we're playing another tough opponent. so, if we look at all, we'll surely come up short. but it seems like guys are thriving under the must win type situation. i think guys are taking it to
6:56 am
heart. and, you know, i think if we keep playing the way we're playing, we can beat anybody. >> to college football, heisman trophy given out last night in new york and your winner is -- >> johnny manziel. >> johnny football because the first freshman in history to take home the heisman. to the hardwood, wizards hosting warriors, coming back in the fourth quarter. bradley beale knocks down the three to bring the wiz within one. beale at the free throw line, misses, it grabs the rebound but can't get it to go. wizards, oh, they fall again in a heart breaker, 101-97. that's your "sports minute." redskins/ravens game, kickoff at 1 p.m. hope your sunday is a good one. it has happened to us all. a phone call that interrupts an important conversation, i think a few times has one rang here in
6:57 am
the studio but most likely never happened to you during a press conference. >> you know, because -- hold on one second. hello? >> and he takes the call. louisville head coach rick pitino's postgame press was interrupted by a reporter asking him if he wanted to join him for drinks and he declined. >> i bet he put the podihone up the podium to record what he was being
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
as promised. >> as advertised, yes, indeed. clouds and fog and rain and mist and drizzle and ugliness, all day long. perfect day for hot soup, hot chocolate, a good book, a good movie or perhaps a good redskins win. toempts are in the upper 40s and
7:01 am
low fifty. the heaviest and steadiest of the rain, northern fairfax, loudoun county, toward 181 and' brake in the action coming early afternoon. still fog, mist and drizzle. visibility reduced to less than 5 miles an hour and temperatures not going anywhere. what you see is what you get from start to fin oiish on your sunday. top stories. more than 4,000 wrists that wreaths are on their way to 800 cemeteries around the country, part of wreaths across america campaign honoring those who served and died for our country. today the skins and ravens face off in the battle of the beltways. with a win today, burgundy and gold could be tied atop the nfc east. kickoff is at 1:00. we'll have full highlights, at 6:00 and 11. expect delays today. five metro stations are closed
7:02 am
and metro is doing track work on all the other lines. tacoma, silver spring, glenn mont on the red line all closed. free shuttle buses are available. those are some stories we're watching this will morning jt few v. good morning and welcome to "viewpoint" i'm here with someone everyone knows, maryland onbarry. tony williams once called you council member, mayor, council member, mayor. you've been in public office since -- >> first, i want to say good morning to all of you. >> i should be polite. good morning, mr. mayor. >> good morning. i've been at this for about 31 years, electoral politics in washington, d.c. we started with the school board in 1971. and i made public service and serving the people by ministry. people asking, why do you keep
7:03 am
doing it? because it's my ministry. >> you're 75 now -- >> 76. >> 76 even. i can't keep up with you. >> my ministry, went through the civil rights movement, as you know. went to college and got a b.s. degree, first in my family, then a masters degree. then i worked three years at university tennessee. only black people out of 3,000 national scientists. that was a good experience for me. i came to washington in 1965 to head the student-run -- >> before the district had home rule or anything like that. >> so for 31 years, from school board to counsel at large, four terms as a mayor, another fourth term -- >> just re-elected. >> just re-elected. 16 years of mayor, it's a long time before anybody will come
7:04 am
close to it. it's good if you do two terms, as you know, kennedy one term, and that's a trend now. this job is a different kind of job now. when i was in it, we had more resources. there's no textbook on being mayor so i learned the hard way by doing. i have been very, very successful in a whole bunch of programs. if you're going to look -- >> tell people about this. in 1980s. >> it was a sleepy, southern town with two or three-story buildings all over, including k street downtown, no convention center. there was no hotel center, no reeves city, no waterfront in
7:05 am
terms of washington harbor, no west end. >> i talk to people -- now you've got your detractors with all the issues and we don't have to talk about those but you look at the verizon center, which was kind of going nowhere until 195 when you took office and you got together with abe poland, the city got the ground ready and he spent the money building it and it's been a big success. >> we shepherded that through. i appointed bob moore who appointed someone -- >> who worked it out. >> and they talked every day, i talked to abe at least once a week until we got it done. came in under budget. >> people complained, it's too big, people won't come downtown, it's a a terrible thing, it's going to wipe out downtown. has that happened? >> heck notice. >> just the opposite.
7:06 am
>> same as gallery place. i gave herb miller -- >> developer. >> gay hve him t.i.f.f. $75 million. look at it now. it's tripled the amount of money we get from down there. >> all those restaurants -- >> that was my style, was to make sure that the business community had access to the government, not just being bureaucratic but insistent in doing it. i remember 4000 wisconsin avenue. i woke up and they were picketing. i hadn't heard about it. i called fred green in and said, what the heck is going on? as i found out, you get the same line in dcra if you're doing $500,000 or -- >> or want to fix a fence.
7:07 am
>> -- or want to fix a fence. i stopped that. i line over here for this big project, and line over here so somebody's happy. we cut down the time almost by hours and weeks of being in line. i was pro-business but i wanted the business community to also be a part of the city. and unfortunately that hasn't happened enough. 70% of all the employees in these businesses live outside the district. there are 300,000 jobs in the private sector, hotels, h hospitality industry and education, and the other sections -- >> we're going to take a break and come back. we talk about the history. this has been a heck of a week with the council meeting for 12 hours on this past tuesday to get a lot of things
7:08 am
7:09 am
talked about.
7:10 am
come back in just a moment. welcome back to "viewpoint" talking to marion barry who has seen the entire economic rebirth of this city. a friend of mine wrote a book, we talked about race and power and the decline of the district. we're thinking about changing the title to "race, power, rise of the district" because of all the rise. you've seen it from the convention center downtown at ninth street chushgs built the old convention center. you go there now, it's a whole new town. tenth street will reopen for the first time since the 1980s. this city seems to be booming. >> a lot because of marion barry's leadership. we put together a great team of leadership in my first year of administration. hit the ground running on economic development, trying to revitalize -- in fact, i appointed herman miller developer, head of downtown, who
7:11 am
gave us a whole bunch of recommendations. my idea was to revitalize, transform washington in terms of the neighborhoods, in terms of the downtown area, in terms of a whole range of things as well as social programs that we did. incidentally, doubled the number of hotel rooms. a lot of my detractors don't want to give me credit for that, but the people have given me credit about that. >> i've written a number of critical stories but i know this thing. at 14th and u, part of the riots in the '60s, you put the reed center building. developers said, no, no, don't put a building there. that's not a good thing. now u street is a destination point for people. now, i think -- i don't want to rush you along here but i said to some people, maybe that building ought to be named after you when the time comes. >> i'm not interested in that building. >> what would you like to be named after. >> i'm not going to say because
7:12 am
they might kill it, you know. i know better. when i decided to put government at 14th and u, there was nobody in my administration who supported it. >> it was a dead zone, they said. >> 16th and -- 14th and w, two or three other guys out there and they just set in drugs, using drugs, et cetera. said, how many are in favor of going to 14th and u? i didn't get a hand up. i put my hand, i said, ayes have it, seriously. and jim gibson wrote one of the most beautiful paper how to get there. and we're there. look what happened to u street now. it was on purpose i did that. it wasn't -- same thing at h street. i put some buildings on 609 and other places to anchor the mall. that was my style. or you take joycetown, which had a dump down on the water front. look at washington harbor, look at west end. but i did not forget the
7:13 am
community either. when we did this, i didn't do as much as i should have done probably in the communities but we did a great deal. i put government office buildings in the community for economic growth and development. >> which the cities continuing -- >> they're going forward. we ought to put every office building geographically needed in ward 7 or 8. can you imagine the boom? look at the history acd -- >> what is that? >> department 6 housing and -- >> we're not all bureaucrats. i'm going to get e-mails i'm being too nice and let you talk about this development but i told somebody the other day we've had a tsunami change in this city over the last 30 years. and jack evans, council member from ward 2, he says it started, just as you said, many decades ago where people said, we have to be more pro-business -- >> we started in '78. >> but some people aren't
7:14 am
benefits in this economic boom. you've been from ward 8, the poorest ward in the city. you tried to get the boundaries changed on the wards. >> we're going to get more over there but that was a deliberate effort on the part of early planners to dump all the poor people into ward 7 and ward 8. >> push them out of the southwest where i lived in the '60s, pushed them out. >> from shaw and georgetown. as a result, 75% of all the families are riches but you can't build equity. it's the american dream to build a home, build equity, go here, get a starter house, then a second house. in terms of black people, the
7:15 am
gap is this wide between homeownership. 25% homeownership minority, 65% in ward 3 and ward 4. we need homeownership. >> not only stable -- >> it's stabilizes the community. i'm in a fight with the mayor now about st. elizabeth, saying that all the homes in phase one ought to be for sale homes. we lost 15,000 residents in ward 8 between 2000 and 2010. >> while the whole city gained residents. we have to take
7:16 am
bills. we'll talk about the amazing change coming out in direct of columbia. good morning. here are some of the stories we're following this morning. police are looking for two men who shot and killed a
7:17 am
21-year-old man in montgomery county. police say jesse compos died in july drive in white oak friday afternoon. they say two men forced their way into his apartment, shot him and then took off. later today, the white house will help light the national menorah at the ellipse. the u.s. air force band will also be there. and today's event is free but you need tickets to attend to go to our website for that. and weather is the big story this morning. we have lots of fog and light rain. if you're headed out, please be careful. many streets are slick, which can make driving conditions pretty treacherous. we'll see you back here in a few more minutes for your sunday forecast in about 15 minutes to be exact. welcome back to "viewpoint" talking to maryland onbar-- mar barry. we were about to talk about st.
7:18 am
elizabeth in southeast washington, the old psychiatric hospital grounds. huge grounds. one on the west side has been taken over by feds who will put up buildings like coast guard and homeland security. but the east side of st. elizabeth along martin luther king avenue up to alabama avenue up to -- what's the cross street? anyway, it's a big plot of land. the mayor wants to develop it. you're saying not rental property but homeownership. >> i want to give a little history. when senator offered both the east side and west side to the district. and west side would cost about $300 million to do something with it. >> all those historic buildings have to be restored. they can't be torn down. >> i took the east side. we would have homeland security. if hi taken the west side because the district government never would have been able to do that. but economic development is hard in underserved areas. it took 23 years for us to get a
7:19 am
giant at camp sims. we only have one full service supermarket. we don't have a cvs -- >> what do you tell people you don't get economic development? the stores say, too much crime, people are afraid to come, people steal from the stores, the desperate people make it hard to put stores in like that but then you see safeway on alabama avenue seems to be just fine, might be a walmart over there. >> we have the highest level of poverty. we have the highest level of incarcerated people. in this society there are three ways you get money, get assets or get property. i get it inherited. you work hard as a business or
7:20 am
you work har as an individual and you make it. or you take it. too many people in ward 8 who don't have any money. >> no connections, no families -- >> no. >> what do you expect? i don't condone that. so what happens? they resort to shoplifting, they resort to robbery. i don't condone that but i'm saying that's reality. so we need to give them more jobs. jobs, jobs, jobs -- >> and education. >> we'll get to that, too. >> why don't we have better adult education? for those that missed out of the city school system, why isn't there more adult education, many -- african-american men, 75% unemployed, why can't they be paid to go to school, for example, to get into jobs or areas of their choice? >> because former mayor and the council won't put money into adult literacy programs. i fight almost every day trying get money for udc. we're the only state university
7:21 am
and if you compare us to vermont, et cetera, we put very little of our own money into it. so, until this city and until the mayor and council makes it a priority to do adult education, have quality schools and jobs -- there are 300,000 jobs in the private sector. we ought to be getting at least 10 or 15,000 of those every year. >> the department of employment services is the city's labor department. it's now in a new building on minnesota avenue off east capital but it has a big budget. people are saying, what does it -- what do you think it really does? does it do enough? does it have the resources to do more? does it have the right -- >> new building but not new ideas. you know, there's a way to solve this unemployment problem. the best deterrant to drug selling is a job. we need to make that a priority. we're doing a pretty good chance
7:22 am
in ward 8. we have to do a lot more. we have some schools at 12% literacy. that's awful. we shouldn't do that. we should give choices to parents to go to a public school or charter school because they both get taxpayer money. a lot of health disparities. but i'm not putting my head in the sand, saying it can't be done. i'm going to do as hard as i can, work as hard as i can, with alexander and mayor -- >> ward 7 council. >> to bring major economic development to ward 7 and 8 as well as jobs. we need jobs. i bet you one thing, if we got those 10,000 or 15,000 jobs a year that we get out of the private sector, i bet crime would go way down. when a person is working, they're not making as much money as selling drugs but i've demonstrated can you do it. >> you brought up a new point. i talked to chief lanier she
7:23 am
said the city will be under 90 homicides and that would be the lowest since 1960, if there are under 90. during the '80s had you the worst crack cocaine epidemic. >> every major city -- >> and every major city. >> -- had the same city. >> a remarkable change. unfortunately, we have if the politicians in washington negotiate a bad deal on the budget and deficit, what do you think will happen to medicare and medicaid benefits? and to our coverage? cutting hundreds
7:24 am
of billions of dollars from medicare and medicaid will short change the people who need it the most. so if you don't want seniors to come up empty. call sen. warner and tell him don't make a bad deal that cuts our care.
7:25 am
the city. we'll be back in a moment. welcome back. mayor barry, you talked about jobs and the need for jobs and job training. one area -- i don't want to get into all the fights over it this past week but you also focused, unlike any other council member, for jobs for people returning from prison sentences, returning citizens, politely called -- >> before we get to that. two pieces i'm missing in this
7:26 am
equation. minority-own the businesses have not been encouraged to grow and developed. when i was mayor, to 47%. that's a very important part of jobs because it tends to be that local african-american or minority businesses hire local residents. the other piece in that is building a stronger black middle class. i did that in terms of giving job opportunities to members of the family and pushing -- >> they all moved to prince george's county. make them come back. >> another thing i want to mention -- >> all those places, they need to come back. >> but i'm saying that that is an integral part of the job piece, is supporting these african-american and latino businesses, and women-owned businesses so we can have that going up. now, back to the situation here. >> we only have a couple minutes. >> 75,000 people affected by this. my view is we -- when you go to jail, you serve your sentence, you paid your debt.
7:27 am
and there are some people who think you keep that debt going on forever. some in city council think that happens. so my view is that -- think about it, if you give a person a j job, that means they'll be off the streets robbing and selling drugs and -- >> not recidivism. >> yes, cuts down to recidivism greatly. opponents of this don't have an idea, don't have an answer as to how you end discrimination. we're going to do all right. we're going to come back again on this issue. and i think there will be some enlightment on the part of the city council members. some outrage on the part of the citizens about this. the community going to get actively involved. >> with an economic boom taking over this entire city, cranes in every direction, people moving in in every direction, is there room for everybody, the poorest of the poor and the wealthiest of the wealthy --
7:28 am
>> no. if you look at $200 million we spent on the bridge, only about 12% f that much, of jobs went to d.c. residents. if we look at other kinds of developments going on -- take the convention center. you ought to check it out and see how many jobs have been given to d.c. residents down there. >> there have been or not? >> there have not been. >> have not been. it's all -- >> all development companies. >> we have to push hard as we can to get these development people to hire d.c. residents. and the mayor, you know, he has a program, but we need a big vision program to put 10,000 to 15,000 people -- job opportunities a year. >> the city economically is doing well enough to support this. >> absolutely. >> we have less than two minutes. what's the most positive thing we can talk about? these are the hard things you're working on but we're going into the holiday season, you've been
7:29 am
at this, you're now 76. you going to run again in a couple years? >> you know i'm not going to answer that question. >> i know, but -- >> what i'm going to answer -- i've been seen very positive things in my administration. i think the most positive one was summer jobs to everybody. over 100,000 people went through that program. i see them every day. >> they come up to me and they say they still have their shirts. >> yep. >> some of them can't wear their shirts anymore, because they're bigger. health is another issue we don't have time to talk about. >> minority business program was very successful. it's fallen on hard times now. the last two mayors have not spent a lot of time to. the present mayor didn't spend enough time on it. so, that's part of it. then it's the health -- >> only ten seconds. you can say health. >> the main thing is hope and vision. i can give them that, hope, vision and resources. that's what made this city
7:30 am
great. there's not one person who lives here or visits here not been touched bit leadership of marion barry. >> thank you, mr. mayor, for being in here. i normally get e-mails i wasn't tough enough on you. i wanted to talk about the entire city the way it's changing and i wanted you to be able to talk about it because you were there when it started changing. have a great day. happy holiday season. thank you for being here. that's it for viewpoint" now back to news 4. a big game day today. we count down to the soggy and possibly sloppy battle of the beltways. >> i'm sure have you some people sitting there going, this is great football weather.
7:31 am
>> i guess if you're watch ting from inside. morning, welcome to "news 4 today," i'm erika gonzalez. >> the headline is soggy sunday. >> are you looking at this backdrop? you can barely see the capitol. let's check in with chuck bell. >> good morning, you guys and good morning, everybody. the rain moved in during the overnight hours. the bulk of the rain is from washington north and westbound. not a whole lot of rain just yet toward fredericksburg, stafford and king george's county but you'll get your wetness before the day is done. more rain where this first batch came from. this section is headed towards fredericksburg. current visibility reduced to less than five miles because of the fog. foggy, soggy, wet and drizzly all morning. low 50s and that's where we'll stay all sunday. headed out to fedex field,
7:32 am
practical the rain gear and moderate weight jacket. redskins are getting ready for the battle of the beltways, pitting them against baltimore and could also catapult them into first place. if the redskins win and giants lose they'll be tied atop the nfc east. burgundy and gold are riding a three-game winning streak but they face a high task against high-flying ravens. fans of both teams offered their prediction for who would win this battle. >> pretty much run the ball, put points on the board and they can win the game. >> it would be tough to stop rg3 but i think ray lewis can do it. >> redskins, 21-17. >> we just want them to win. that's all. >> this is only the fifth meeting between the two teams since 1997. the redskins have only one one of those match-ups. kickoff is at 1:00. we'll have all the highlights tonight on news 4 at 6:00 and
7:33 am
11:00. we have a traffic alert for you this morning. drivers headed to downtown washington, expect delays because of the jingle all the way 8k. several streets are already closed. here's a look at the course. hello, there. good luck. parts of pennsylvania avenue in northwest with-r closed. independence avenue, along with other streets are also closed until noon. new this morning, a u.s. drone strike killed at least four people, including a top al qaeda commander in the western part of pakistan. military intelligence officers say the drone strike targeted a home in north waziristan. this is the second attack in four days killed an al qaeda commander in pakistan. today venezuelan president hugo chavez will head back to cuba for cancer surgery. last night he announced on state television his cancer returned and he'll undergo treatment in havana. he said if his health worsens his successor should be the vice president. chavez was elected to a third
7:34 am
team in october. the 58-year-old already had two operations, chemotherapy and radiation treatment. this morning nelson mandela is comfortable and in good care while in the hospital. that's according to south african president jacob zuma who visited him today. mandela was admitted to the hospital for routine tests. they say he needs medical attention just because of his age. we're learning more about the nurse who took her own life following a prank call to duchess. saldanha was the first to answer the prank call from a pair of radio deejays. they pretended to be the prince. >> i suppose the standard of what is too far might be the
7:35 am
good old fashioned standard of, would you want somebody to do this to you? >> the chairman of the king edward vii say the prank was foolish. the radio hosts have been taken off the air. well, police in maine are on the hunt for what they're calling a real grinch. every year a local supermarket puts a giving tree outside with tags attached and each tag represents a little child who needs christmas presents. on friday night surveillance video shows someone, look at this, they carried off the tree. they put it in the car and then just took off. >> everybody in town can't believe it, shocked that -- i mean, they stole the tree. not the gifts. i mean, the gifts are in here so why steal the tree when you can go out and get one or cut it down? >> unbelievable. police haven't made any arrests. store put up signs with pictures
7:36 am
of the car hoping someone can help them find the tree thief. a grinch hit a baltimore neighborhood, swiping the arms off a frosty the snowman lawn ornament. surveillance video shows the thief taking frosty's arms last weekend. aren't those just branches? but earlier this week the thief had a change of heart and returned frosty's arms to the homeowner. >> the tree was not funny. this is a little funny. >> despite the giving spirit, neighbors want the scrooge brought to justice. >> so, it was nice of him to bring them back but he shouldn't have taken them in the first place. >> that's nice of them. he shouldn't have taken them in the first place. two wrongs don't make it right. >> well, that was one wrong and one right. anyway, if police can find who perpetrated this cold crime, the homeowner says, he doesn't know if he will press any charges. >> who wrote that, who perpetrated this cold crime? i like this. a d.c. family will soon move into their new home in prince
7:37 am
george's county thanks to an affordable housing program. we were right there for the ribbon-cutting ceremony where the winner of this house lottery opened his front door for the very first time. darcy spencer reports. prince george's county -- we're having trouble so we'll get it to you in a few minutes. let's move on to another story. prince george's county officials say this is the first green energy star program in their home and they say they've got more housing projects in the works. it's a fantastic story. i promise, hang with us. if the nasty weather keeps you inside today, why not be productive, especially in the kitchen. >> reporter: i'm liz crenshaw. holiday sweets hsure to impress your guests. sweet recipes coming up. zoo that looks tasty. backlash over that canceled new york marathon, why some runners say organizers are sending mixed messages about next year's race. and
7:38 am
7:39 am
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we are back in a moment. temperature are mild this morning but we are off to a wet and foggy start. live pictures of 14th and i. you can see how the streetlights reflect off the road. be careful. traffic is light but it will likely pick up and we'll be dealing with conditions like this all day. now back to the affordable housing program in prince george's county. we were there for the ribbon-cutting ceremony where the winner of this house lottery opened the door to his new home for the first time. news 4's darcy spencer has the story. >> reporter: with the snip of a very large pair of ceremonial scissors, derek got to see his first home completely renovated just for him and his family. >> i think it's outstanding. what an opportunity. >> reporter: he and his wife won a housing lottery that put them
7:42 am
on track to owning the home on marlene drive. >> appreciative for the opportunity that's been afforded to us. >> reporter: they didn't win the home but they got it for a reduced price and got help with the down payment. they had to qualify for a $190,000 mortgage. republican oe vagus say the split foyer sat vacant n for close -- foreclosures is now worth $250,000. >> this is great for us. this is the housing stabilization funds at work. this is what affordable housing looks like in prince george's county. >> reporter: currently they're living in his childhood home but once they move in they'll be prince george's county residents thanks to the affordable housing program. >> reporter: it acquires, renovates and resells properties to first-time home buyers. the marlene drive home is equipped with high-efficiency appliances, air conditioning and windows. making the home green should save them $1,000 a year on their
7:43 am
utility bills. what did you think when you saw the before and the after? >> it was just -- it was just a metamorphosis, a complete turn-around. >> reporter: they won the lottery back in june and were hoping to move in in time for the holidays. it won't be quite ready but they'll call this place home sweet home in january. >> let's get a preview. erica hill joins us live from new york. good morning, erica. >> good morning to you. coming up this sunday on "today" for the second time in a week, tragedy strikes the nfl. a 25-year-old player for the dallas cowboys killed in a car accident. now his friend and teammate is charged with manslaughter. this morning we'll have more details on that case. mtv known for wild reality shows
7:44 am
like "jersey shore." now a u.s. senator wants to pull the plug on a new show set to air on mtv. plus an emotional homecoming, what a story here, this little girl spent her entire life in the hospital. now she's starting a new chapter 12k3 and we're there with her. the answers to the age-old holiday dilemmas like whether it's really okay to regift. we'll answer that and a few more when we get started on a sunday morning here on "today." >> thank you so much, erica. we appreciate it. this time of year there's lots of holiday treats. hard to push yourself away from them. you can impress your guests with traditional treats with a little bit of a twist at your own home. news 4's liz crenshaw has the story. >> reporter: we're at blue duck tavern with pastry chef. let's get holiday ideas. >> we'll start with the
7:45 am
cheesecake, and the trick is to have cream cheese at room temperature. that way don't you get any lumps. >> reporter: the key ingredient -- >> chestnut paste. >> reporter: add graham cracker crumbs and add it to the pot. >> can you see the bubbles driving to the surface. >> reporter: after it comes out of the oven, he adds a festive garnish. >> raisins and candied chestnuts marinated in rum. >> reporter: the next sweet thing uses sweet potatoes. >> it's called swepotato, cranby and walnut upside down cake. >> reporter: roast the sweet potatoes in their skin. >> make a puree for the upside down cake. >> reporter: that goes in the bottom of the cake pan but it's going to be the top. >> it will be the top, that's right. >> reporter: sprinkle raw cranberries and walnuts on top with the cake batter. >> and then invert your serving
7:46 am
platter on top of the cake. voila! >> reporter: oh, my gosh. one of the signature dishes here is this fabulous apple pie. teach us how to make it at home. chef sautes granny smith apples with honey, brown sugar ahead of time so when you put them in the crust, it stays crispy. >> and sprinkle sugar. >> reporter: which keep his guests coming back for more. this is pumpkin creme brulee. >> canned pumpkin puree is fine. >> reporter: he splits a real vanilla bean in half, adds the seeds and pod to the heavy cream, followed by pumpkin puree and granmarinet. >> ladle this into your baking container. >> reporter: bake and sprinkle
7:47 am
with sugar and time to fire up the finishing touch. >> this is the dangerous part. >> reporter: using a blow torch, he carmelizes the sugar. can you brown it under your broiler. >> now for the candy cane topping. >> reporter: these are blue, not red. >> is the blue duck tavern. >> reporter: he adds a touch of blue food coloring, ice cream into the machine, crush candy canes into crumbs and add to the mix. oh, mm. that's a perfect way to end a meal. pastry chef peter brett of the blue duck tavern, thank you for making our holiday so sweet. it's gorgeous. >> thanks much. happy holidays. >> reporter: liz crenshaw "news 4 today". >> that's what my kitchen looks like every day. >> a little rum here, gran marnier, next, who's ready for breakfast? >> love that. nothing wrong with that. >> you might have irish coffee this morning. ge up on the "chris
7:48 am
7:49 am
7:50 am
matthews show." is hillary already in? local groups are spreading the holiday spirit in fairfax. easter seals along with the american legion hosted annual holiday party for service members and children with disabilities. it included arts and crafts, gifts, even a visit from santa himself. military parents say the event means a lot to their family. >> this will be high loot of the
7:51 am
day until christmas. they'll be speak being this for quite some time. >> the children are excited to see santa and the children are building friendships with each other which is fabulous to see. >> easter seals says the event helps connect families of children with disabilities. they say the goal is to offer them a stress-free day during the holidays. >> everyone looks like they had a great time. >> looks wonderful. looks like everybody else around us -- well further out, rather s getting snow, minus us. >> way further out. like wisconsin further out. >> dakotas. they're having blizzard conditions. >> they'll have a lot of snow out there. the closest snow we'll get to us will be friends and neighbors in the great state of west virginia. you might get a little bit of wet snow coming up on tuesday morning, tuesday afternoon. but that's out in the mountains of west virginia. right here in washington where yours truly, every finger crossed in hopes of a snowy winter, let's say it's going to be a mild stretch here for the upcoming week, even with temperatures getting closer to
7:52 am
average. by the time we get the cool air back in place, all the moisture is gone. today we've got all the moisture we need. but we're way above the freezing mark. 51 degrees right now in washington. winds out of the north at nine miles per hour. northerly wind combined with rain and clouds and drizzle, these temperatures will hold steady pretty much all day long. your hometown forecast in college park, maryland, generally climbing up to upper 40s to around 50 degrees. rain drops are likely at any time during the day in college park and for wherever you live in our area because rain drops are just about everywhere. if you're headed down to the game, cloudy and wet. someone was teasing me on twitter yesterday and asked if this was my final score estimation, 48 for ravens and a51 for redskins. ly say there will not be 89 points scored in in game today. i still think the redskins can win but not with a score of 51 points. right now plenty of rain across northern maryland. more rain across parts of interstate 81, moving directly
7:53 am
into the pan handle of west virginia. steadier rains are from washington metro northbound to pennsylvania line. not as much rain for you folks in southern maryland, fredericksburg. but more rain where this first batch came from, down across tennessee and kentucky and aimed right at us. so, by later tonight, we'll have another round of rain showers coming in. another chance of rain coming with a cold front itself, which gets here on monday night. so for today, a rainy start to the day. i think the rain will ease up and we'll be left with mist and drizzle and fog more most of the afternoon hours. another shot of rain coming through at 6:00 and midnight. a generally moist start to your monday morning. probably not a whole lot of rain on monday morning commute but everything will already be we had and more rain coming in by monday afternoon and monday night as the front goes by. as it pulls out and we get into tuesday we could get upslope snow across the central west virginia. for today, a rainy start and
7:54 am
staying chilly and wet and foggy through the remainder of your afternoon. temperatures, what you see is what you get. tomorrow, cloudy, noticeably milder tomorrow putting temps up in the 60s. folks toward fredericksburg, southern maryland, one or two spots will get within 70 degrees. it won't last long and you won't be sunbathing in it because it will still be a cloudy day. the colder air rushes back in and looks like breezy and turning into a chilly afternoon tuesday. nice sunshine, december sunshine, but sunny nonetheless for thursday, friday and saturday. if you want to know the latest, follow me on twitte twitter @chuckbell4. i'll be sending out photographs and all things weather-related today. >> maybe a picture from the game? >> i'm not allowed to go. >> right. >> i'm working. >> that's true. everybody else from the game can tweet chuck your pictures of what it looks like -- >> and i'll retweet.
7:55 am
>> exactly. thanks, chuck. today a deadly typhoon is expected to make a second landfall in the philippines. the typhoon killed nearly 600 people in the southern part of the country. the storm went out to sea but made a u-turn and is now threatening the country's northwest. the storm could bring heavy rain, strong winds and possible landslides in the mountains. this week several bands will hold a benefit concert for those affected by hurricane sandy. 60s for 12-12-12 concert at madison square garden already sold out. ticket sales are benefiting the robin hood foundation. however, there is some controversy over scalpers making a profit to see top performers. >> it's a charity event, to benefit the victims. when you buy those tickets, up,
7:56 am
they're already sold, so you're not doing anything to help the victims. >> sellers listing tickets have the option to donate their proceed sees to the fund among other charities. stub hub says they've raised $500,000 in service fees and commissions already. there's backlash from new york city marathon which organizers canceled because of sandy. there's frustration among would-be runners if they can automatically run in next year's race. >> reporter: five weeks after the marathon she trained for was canceled in the wake of sandy, mayor is back in central park, thinking about what she thought was a sure thing, her spot in next year's marathon. >> if that's not guaranteed, that's not cool. >> reporter: thousands of
7:57 am
runners assumed they're automatically allowed to run next year because the day they canceled, they said this -- >> they'll be guaranteed marathon position or if they want the half. >> reporter: this week they got a lot definitive message on facebook. they posted, while this race counts on the points system helping you clinch a spot next year, there's no mention of a guarantee. and decisions related to any other issues or questions are still pending. and we will share additional information as soon as it becomes available. >> it's a little confusing to me that somehow now we're whistling a different tune. >> reporter: mark and amanda are bracing themselves for the possibility they'll be shut out in 2013. >> it's a bit of a blow, you know. i think they need to be a little more responsible and consistent in their message to people. >> reporter: marathon officials would not answer my question about whether they've
7:58 am
backpedaled since last month's guaranteed but the financial pressure is enormous with millions of registration fees in stake and the existence of future marathons on the line. >> i can't imagine what they're dealing with in regards to as many participants as they handle, but i wouldn't want to be in their shoes. >> that was andrew siff reporting. the latest win irof the heisman trophy can't even drink to celebrate his winning. >> johnny manziel. >> the first freshman to ever take home the illustrious award. the texas a&m quarterback had a record-breaking season. totaling more than 4,000 yards of total offense. maziel beat out mantei te'o and collin klein. >> i'm not an aggie but you have to give it to him. navy and army squared off in philly for commander in chief trophy. army had a chance to win but
7:59 am
they fumbled the ball with just a minute left. navy wins the annual match-up

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